Thursday, July 10, 2014

Less is More?

And we thought the Nike Teraz was revealing! Out now, the "String Lateral Flash" suits are making a sowing all over the global news and on the internet.

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So what is this suit? How does it stay on? How revealing is it? Where can I wear one?
All the questions I have heard about these. I personally do not have one, yet; but I plan on picking up a few to try out and report back on. Definitely has piqued my interests and I will definitely be looking around for more.

From what I can tell, the suit stays on by hugging your right or left hip rather high on the sides, almost like a classic Speedo Solar suit or similar. I think that these are a remake of the classic bodybuilders posing strap. All I can say so far is, wow! Interesting tan lines!

Keep it Tight and more on this later :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Infamous Nike Teraz...

Hello my fellow Spandex Enthusiasts!

Its been all over eBay and other Auction sites the world over... the Nike Teraz. In Red!

$400 +++ USD!!!!!!!! What makes this suit worth so much? Let me explain; first a little trip back into some swimming history and why the suit came to be.

Roughly 10-15 years ago, Nike decided to jump in and get their feet wet in the world of competitive swimming. (sorry about all the swimming puns) It was around the time for the 96 Olympics where the world of swimming was seeing changes in the amount of material swimmers would wear. This was the time that the full length body suits from Speedo, TYR, Arena, Adidas, Jaked, Blue Seventy, etc. were starting to take hold.

Nike had a different idea, at least at first. They released the Nike Teraz style suit just in time for the 96 Olympics under the principle that less is more. The suit featured a smoother, slicker lycra / spandex bled fabric which was smooth to the touch. They ditched the front privacy liner to reduce the suits overall weight. The drawstring was braided flat to interlock in place when tied. Overall, a very well engineered suit.

So, why so priceless?

The suit was pulled from the market in the late 90's due to concerns over privacy and how revealing the suit was. In the red or blue colors, EVERYTHING is visible when wet. Full lines, textures, contours, etc. The suit has since made appearances on eBay, selling for hundreds.

The bottom line... Is it worth hundreds?

If you are a die hard collector or mad about the suit, then I suppose so. Considering when the suit was new, it retailed for $49.99, the markup is extreme. But let me conclude with the following:

If you want a superior suit that leaves nothing to the imagination, feels great, and would make you look and feel like a professional, competitive swimmer while you are lounging on the beach, then I say go for it! 

I personally have two of the suits, one in Red, the other in Green.

And as proof, here is a photo of me in my Green Nike Teraz :) Size 26.
(You can see more of it here:

Until next time, keep it tight my friends!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Layering Gear

Okay, so I thought I would be back in the world of reviews, but instead decided to share something a little more interesting, at least I hope so.

Over the past years, I have had the pleasure of several fun outings in gear of all sorts. From roaming the streets of San Francisco in a wrestling singlet, or hiking to the top of 14,000 ft tall mountains in a Speedo, but it wasn't until recently, I started to play with layering gear.

So what do I mean by that?

Well, here is an example. Underneath is an UA Heat Gear sleeveless shirt, and an orange Adidas wrestling singlet. Both rather tight, and rather revealing.

Now I have been asked, why is this such a turn on?

From a friend I talk to online, we came up with a reasonable conclusion. We love gear so much we just need more of it! Well, sort of. I think its more along the lines of blending genres. We were introduced to the idea with the superheroes in comics i'm sure most of us have read. Remembering back to seeing Superman in a skintight, blue Zentai with an amazingly tight red Speedo. Oh and don't forget the cape!

But there are other reasons also. 

There is a fetish derived from admiring others in spandex, lycra, and rubber amongst other things tight. I think my reason is I just like it! 

Hopefully you too will now be more inclined to layer up in gear. The feeling is awesome, the look is hot, and it seems more and more, the look is in. 

Always love to hear your thoughts and comments! Feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment!

Keep it Tight my friends!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Been a While!

Hello my fellow Spandex and Lycra enthusiasts!

It has been a while and there have been a lot of changes in my personal life that over the past three years I have had to deal with. I am happy to say I am finally combatting the issues and I will be back.

As the times change, I will be changing the scope and nature of the blog. I want to move back to a review structure more than a picture post session. Don't worry, I will still have a few pictures from my adventures out and about, but look forward to more reviews and hopefully some helpful information on Spandex / Lycra and other materials; hopefully I can pique more interest in the fetish.

I am also happy to announce that as the years have moved on, my interests have evolved into an interesting subset of gear interests and acquisitions. So, I will be revealing more of my gear later, but for those interested, here is what is to come:
  • More Speedos and Spandex as usual!
  • I am introducing Wetsuits and Body Suits (Zentai).
  • I am introducing more gear like boots, restraints, and bondage style furniture. 
  • Revealing more of my interests in other tight gear like rubber, more neoprene, and vinyl. 
  • Gothic / Industrial / Death Rocker looks and styles (My Alt side).
That is what is to come. The biggest changes to expect is in the structure of the blog as mentioned above. I hope to bring you more exciting content and reviews, and looking forward to hearing from some of my loyal followers. 

Thanks again for following through with the blog after the many years of dormancy. I will be back at it soon!

Keep it Tight my friends!
Spencer Kayne

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Still Alive

Hello my Loyal Followers and Readers,

I have not disappeared just yet, mainly going through some very demanding times at the moment. Which leaves me almost no time to do the things I used to do. I am sorting these issues out and I am planning to return to the blogging world sometime soon. I wanted to wish everyone a safe a prosperous holiday season and please travel safely to visit your family and friends.

Hopefully soon I will have most of this sorted out and be back to posting more regularly sometime soon.

Thanks again!